Want to attend a Christian college but can’t find one close to you? BYU Pathways is an affordable online Christian school where you can further your education among religious Christians.


BYU-Pathway builds hope and spiritual confidence

Is tuition too expensive? Struggling to pay college debt? Need a cheap schooling experience? Find your answers through BYU Pathways, a cheap online school where you can graduate with little to no debt.

Low Cost

Tuition costs significantly less than in other schools

Too busy to go to college? Have trouble affording rent where you are going to school? Looking to go to school online while continuing your career? BYU Pathways is an affordable online school for those seeking to further their education the easiest way.


Degrees are online, from anywhere in the world

Welcome to BYU Pathway

BYU-Pathway Worldwide provides an accessible path to a spiritually-based degree completely online at an affordable price. BYU Pathway is a program that will help you kickstart your higher education, and can help you to determine whether further learning is right for you!

Advanced Pathway BYU PathWays
Advanced Pathway BYU PathWays


Preferred Pathway Growth Chart BYU Pathways

Preferred Pathway

Advanced Pathway

The preferred path to a degree begins with PathwayConnect and is recommended for most students. No ACT/SAT is required for admission. PathwayConnect includes foundational academic and religious courses that help students see increased success, recognize growth, and all courses count toward your degree.

The advanced path to a degree requires a more detailed application process (including submission of ACT/SAT scores) and is primarily for U.S. students with significant previous university and online learning experiences.

Business Informtion
Technology Information
Health Information
Professional Studies Information
Communication Information
Communication Information
Certificates and Degrees

Online students have different needs than campus students. This is why BYU-Pathway Worldwide was created. Degrees are offered from BYU-Idaho and Ensign College completely online, while BYU-Pathway provides the resources and support to help you succeed.

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Professional Studies
Pay Less For Your Degree
Get A Better Job - Before Graduating

Wish you could get a better job before finishing your degree? Now you can!

Through our certificate-first approach, you'll earn three certificates on the way to your bachelor's degree. Each certificate takes one year or less to complete and can be used to get a better job faster.

 How to get a better job before graduating from College or University? There is a way through BYU Pathways, where you can graduate in tiers and get a better job before graduating.

Tuition prices are significantly less than other schools, thanks in large part to support provided by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Throughout gospel-based courses, you will be actively engaged in the learning process as you participate in collaborative discussions and activities with other students from around the world. Courses incorporate gospel principles with assignments due each week, helping you pace yourself.

Interactive and Spiritual

One of the best benefits of a BYU-Pathway Worldwide education is its low pricing, with tuition rates that are significantly lower than most other colleges and universities.

Financial Aid

BYU-Pathway Worldwide offers access to and accepts various forms of financial aid, depending on a variety of factors.