Whether in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, or Casa Grande, you can better your life and get self-help through our many programs. They are completely free and are specific to your city. Teachers are all locals and trained by locals.

Life Help Classes are based on faith that through God's help you can learn life skills more quickly. Our group classes last around an hour with the option of staying longer to hear how faith in Jesus Christ can help you. You aren't required to bring anything but we do recommend bringing a notebook and a pencil so that you can take notes.

What Is Life Help?

Life Help is a Free, Faith-based program that strengthens people to live happier and more stable lives. Through various programs, you can learn how to live life to the fullest. Our classes are free and available to all.

Why does it work?

Our classes are only successful thanks to the power of Jesus Christ and God. We believe and know that they not only can, but want, to help us as we try to improve ourselves and others. Our entire faith is based on Jesus Christ's Atonement and Grace.

What to expect

We Want To Serve You

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