Learn how to be happier and healthier, how to handle stress, how to deal with grief and loss, and how to overcome mental health issues. Our free classes can better prepare you to handle the stresses and anxieties that come from difficult situations.
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Mental Health

No one is able to go through life without experiencing hardships. Some struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety. Others are dealing with trauma or the recent loss of a loved one. Our free faith-based classes are made to help you overcome your trials through faith and prayer. We know that our classes can help you overcome any type of emotional stress through Jesus Christ.

Find happiness in the simple things and overcome depression and anxiety through simple, faith-based steps. Our free classes and courses help you develop an optimistic attitude in the worst of situations.

1.) Emotional Resilience

2.) Managing Stress and Anxiety

3.) Understanding Sadness and Depression

4.) Overcoming Anger and Addiction

5.) Building Healthy Relationships with Others

6.) Moving Foward

Emotional Resilience
Grief and Loss

1.) Death

2.) Grief

3.) The Plan of Salvation

4.) The Emotional Self Regulation

5.) The Family Proclamation

Classes & Topics

6 Weeks
6 Weeks
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours

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Free Mental Health Class Time

If you are currently experiencing suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

Life Help Mental Health Classes are based on faith that through God's help you can learn coping mechanisms quickly. Our group classes last around an hour with the option of staying longer to hear how faith in Jesus Christ can help you. You aren't required to bring anything but we do recommend bringing a notebook and a pencil so that you can take notes.

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