Learning how to do taxes, how to start a business, how to get a better education, and how to get out of debt are all important things that our classes can help you with. We strive to help you learn necessary life skills that high school doesn’t teach you.
Personal Finance

1.) Becoming a Wise and

Faithful Steward

2.) Creating a Budget

3.) Sticking to a Budget

4.) Protecting your Family

from Hardship

5.) Understanding Debt

6.) Investing for the Future

1.) The Fundamentals

2.) Networking

3.) Power Statements

4.) Written Materials

5.) Nail the Interview pt. 1

6.) Nail the Interview pt. 2

1.) Strengthen Study Skills

2.) Create an Environment for Success

3.) Understanding the Expectations

4.) Stay on Course

Job Seeking Skills
Vision for Education

Classes & Topics

Free Self Sufficiency Class Life Help Arizona

Self Sufficiency

Many people struggle with financial difficulties, unemployment, or new business management. Our free, faith-based classes are designed to help you learn the skills necessary to be financially secure and to help your family thrive. We call these classes Self Sufficiency because we want to help you learn how to live day by day on your own.

6 Weeks
6 Weeks
1.5 Hours
1.5 Hours

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Life Help Self Sufficiency Classes are based on faith that through God's help you can learn life sustaining skills more quickly. Our group classes last around an hour with the option of staying longer to hear how faith in Jesus Christ can help you. You aren't required to bring anything but we do recommend bringing a notebook and a pencil so that you can take notes.

What to Expect